Hi! Welcome to my online storefront. Here, you’ll find resources that you can purchase instantly. Here’s what’s available right now. Click the links to get more info and purchase them.

Sex with the Sun: a 15-minute meditation that allows you to experience sensual bliss and spiritual ecstasy simply by receiving the light from the sun!

Consent Is Sexy: Practicing Consent at Play Parties – a guide that hosts and managers of play parties, sex clubs, adult resorts, and more can distribute to their guests to ensure their events are fun and safe for everyone.

Pleasing and Empowering Women in the Bedroom: A recorded Zoom course for men who want to not only blow women’s minds in the bedroom but also leave them feeling empowered, whether it’s a one-night stand or a long-term relationship.

Orgasms for Vulva Owners: Another recorded Zoom course where I explain the ins and outs of vulva orgasms, the anatomy of the vulva and clitoris, how to overcome common blockages to orgasm, different kinds of orgasms, penetration, squirting, toys, and more!

Help! I’ve Lost My Sex Drive After Having a Baby: A recorded Zoom course on regaining your sex life after childbirth, for birthing parents and their partners.

Autism and Sexual Assault: A presentation on understanding the sexual assault epidemic among autistic people and supporting autistic sexual assault survivors.

Full Body Orgasms meditation: an audio guide to help you experience full-body orgasms!

Touch-Free Orgasms meditation: an audio guide to help you experience touch-free orgasms!

Orgasms or Vulvas meditation: an audio guide to help you get to know your vulva and explore different ways of orgasming.