I went from a disillusioned office worker to a freelance writer and digital nomad with a six-figure income in less than a year starting solely with cold pitches and submissions. To help others make this career transition or improve the careers they already have, I offer several forms of consulting. I’ll give feedback on pitches and submissions, help you place them with appropriate publications, share editors’ contact information, give advice on promoting your content and managing your online presence, and edit work for current or aspiring writers or PR people who want help getting coverage. I also coach people who want help making the transition to the digital nomad lifestyle. In addition, I can help authors or aspiring authors seeking representation by sharing the method I used to get offers from 11 literary agents within a month of sending out my proposal. I charge $75 for the first half hour and $200/hour after that. You can contact me at if this interests you.


“I love working with Suzannah. She is one of the smartest and most creative people in the media sphere. Suzannah has a unique antenna for zeroing in on the current day narratives being discussed in society. She is able to cut through the confusion of writing, developing, and/or pitching an article to help you get to the heart of what you are trying to communicate. From crafting the perfect blog post to guiding an article idea from a seed to publication, she understands the process. She has also helped me draft amazing and, more importantly, meaningful public speaking presentations. I seriously cannot say enough great things about her. She is simply the best. I hope to work with Suzannah for many years to come.” — Alison Haunss, Founder of Nuhanzi Life and The Working Woman Report

“I contacted Suzannah when I was first starting my freelance career, and I couldn’t recommend her services more. During our first consultation, she really listened to my ideas and desired career path. From there, she talked through some of my thoughts and instructed me on how to craft a pitch guaranteed to catch even the busiest editor’s attention. Since working with Suzannah, I’ve had pitches accepted by notable online magazines and have noticed a huge surge in confidence.” — Madison Medeiros, Freelance Writer

“I’ve always loved writing but only recently wanted to start getting my work published. I had no idea to go about this and am so grateful I hired Suzannah as a consultant. She gave me great tips and feedback on outlets to pitch to, how to go about this, and what they are looking for. Shortly after working with Suzannah, my first piece was published. From there, I’ve been writing nonstop. I highly recommend Suzannah. She’s fantastic!” — Kimberly Hershenson, Therapist and Freelance Writer