PR Consulting

It can be challenging for public relations professionals to pitch journalists without fully understanding what the writer’s job entails. Having written for national newspapers such as The New York Times and The Washington Post, women’s and men’s magazines like GlamourTeen Vogue, and Men’s Health, and popular online publications like ViceMic, and Bustle, I advise PR reps (and business owners who serve as their own PR reps) on strategies for getting coverage in publications like these. I also formerly ran PR and content marketing for a tech startup and worked as a content writer for a tech-focused PR firm, so I understand PR from both sides.

During a call, you’ll learn how to get writers’ attention without becoming annoying or overly sales-y, how to develop ongoing relationships with journalists, what kind of content writers can actually use, and how to crack the code into the biggest publications on the internet. We can also discuss other elements of publicity, like growing your social media following, getting podcast, radio, and TV interviews, and finding speaking engagements.

Session structure and pricing

I charge $300 per hour-long call, with discounted rates available to those who would like to set up longer or multiple calls. Contact me to set up a call!


“I love working with Suzannah. She is one of the smartest and most creative people in the media sphere. Suzannah has a unique antenna for zeroing in on the current-day narratives being discussed in society. She is able to cut through the confusion of writing, developing, and/or pitching an article to help you get to the heart of what you are trying to communicate. From crafting the perfect blog post to guiding an article idea from a seed to publication, she understands the process. She has also helped me draft amazing and, more importantly, meaningful public speaking presentations. I seriously cannot say enough great things about her. She is simply the best. I hope to work with Suzannah for many years to come.” — Alison Haunss, Founder of The Working Woman Report

Contact me to set up a call!