Media Appearances



Watch Al Roker and Savannah Guthrie discuss my article “A Psychological Explanation for Why Compliments Are So Embarrassing” on The Today Show.

Watch Whoopi Goldberg discuss my article “10 Things A Feminist Does In A Relationship” on The View.

Watch Clay Aiken interview me about sexual assault and harassment on Bold TV.

Watch me on an American Association of University Women panel on How to Be a Feminist in the Workplace on CSPAN.



Read The New York Times‘s list of articles that explain intersectional feminism, including my own “5 Reasons Intersectionality Matters, Because Feminism Cannot Be Inclusive Without It.”

Read an interview with me about my career at Elena Lyn.

Read my advice on fighting sexist microaggressions in the workplace in Forbes.

Read my take on dress codes in Silicon Valley in Fortune.

Read my tips on not annoying reporters in Inc.

Read The Daily Mail‘s amusing coverage of my “refusal to hook up with men” and first love heartbreak.


Podcasts and radio

Hear me discuss objectification, body image, and more on Mental Health News Radio.

Hear me rant about myths surrounding multiple orgasms on the Katie Speak Show.

Hear me talk about dick pics, consent, and not shaving my legs on Total Babble.

Hear me explain why orgasms are overrated on Majic 102.3 – 92.7.

Hear me tell off the Rich and Covino Show’s hosts when they try to convince me to shave my legs on Sirius XM.

Hear me defend my leg hair once again on WGN Radio.

I have also appeared on UK Talk Radio, Spin 1038, and other radio stations.



Fun fact: I’m cited in the Wikipedia entries for Dildo, Toxic Masculinity, JLo’s “Ain’t Your Mama,” and the Oh Long Johnson cat.