I am available to provide commentary to journalists on sex, relationships, and feminism. Here are some of my past media appearances and press interviews.


Read The New York Times‘s list of articles that explain intersectional feminism, including my own “5 Reasons Intersectionality Matters, Because Feminism Cannot Be Inclusive Without It.”

Read my take on Walmart banning Cosmo from its checkout shelves in the BBC.

Read my perspective on gender bias in medicine in Teen Vogue.

Read my theories about why women with chronic illnesses take so long to get diagnosed in Hello Giggles.

Read my advice on same-sex attraction in heterosexual relationships in The Toronto Sun.

Get my take on spectatoring during sex in Well + Good.

Learn about the “Kivin” oral sex method from me in MindBodyGreen.

Get my advice on dating apps in Bustle.

Learn how to be more mindful during sex from me in Ask Men.

Should you really never go to bed angry? Hear my answer in Ask Men.

Get my top sex toy rec in Them.

Get my predictions for upcoming sex trends in Kinkly.

Read DateEnhance‘s interview with me on gender norms, dating, and relationships.

Read my tips for making first-time intercourse enjoyable in Her Campus.

Read my explanation of internalized sexism in relationships in Her Campus.

Learn about “nipplegasms” from me in Scary Mommy.

Read my take on why men have certain sex dreams in Yahoo!

Read my explanation of why women fake orgasms in The Girlfriend.

Read this profile of me and my work at Vienna.

Read an interview with me about my career at Elena Lyn.

Read my advice on fighting sexist microaggressions in the workplace in Forbes.

Read my take on dress codes in Silicon Valley in Fortune.

Read my tips on not annoying reporters in Inc.

Read The Daily Mail‘s coverage of my “refusal to hook up with men” and first love heartbreak.

See me on Kinkly’s list of sex educators to follow on Twitter.

Read my advice on talking to your friends about sex in The Good Trade.


Read about the panel I appeared on at SXSW 2019: “Censorship and Tech’s Prudish Stance on Our Sex Lives.”

Read about my talk at the 2019 North Carolina Sexual Health Conference.

Watch me on an American Association of University Women panel on How to Be a Feminist in the Workplace on CSPAN.



Watch Al Roker and Savannah Guthrie discuss my article “A Psychological Explanation for Why Compliments Are So Embarrassing” on The Today Show.

Watch Whoopi Goldberg discuss my article “10 Things A Feminist Does In A Relationship” on The View.

Watch Clay Aiken interview me about sexual assault and harassment on Bold TV.


Watch me take on the internet’s biggest troll on The Fallen State.

See me (and my cat 😂 ) answer viewers’ sex questions on Brothers in Booze.



Hear me talk about sexual empowerment on BBC Radio.

Hear my take on emotional labor on the Natasha Hall Show on CJAD 800 AM.

Hear me tell off the Rich and Covino Show’s hosts when they try to convince me to shave my legs on Sirius XM.

Hear me discuss objectification, body image, and more on Mental Health News Radio.

Hear me explain why orgasms are overrated on Majic 102.3 – 92.7.

Hear me defend my leg hair once again on WGN Radio.

I have also appeared on UK Talk Radio, Spin 1038, and other radio stations.


Hear me talk about breasts and all the cultural baggage surrounding them in How Cum.

Learn about my erotica and work to help people orgasm on Girl Boner.

Hear me explain the orgasm gap in You Do You (episode 19).

Hear another take on orgasm equality in Project Pleasure.

More about the orgasm gap on Shameless Sex.

Hear me talk all about vaginas on The Week in Sex.

Learn about my experiences with sex clubs, extended orgasm, and more on Sex With Dr. Jess.

Listen to me talk about internalized misogyny on Material Girls.

Hear me discuss consent on Kinky Cocktail Hour.

Get my take on the male gaze, pain during sex, and more on the Ersties Podcast.

Hear my story of sexual liberation on Follow Your Fuck Yes.

Hear me talk about nipplegasms and OnlyFans on the Mad Tea Party podcast.

I share my experiences healing with psychedelics on Mike and Maurice’s Mind Escape.

I answer a variety of sex questions on F*ck Buddies.

Hear my critique of the body positivity movement on Friend of Marilyn.

Learn about my digital nomad life on Workationing.

I talk about moving on from job loss in My Perfect Failure.

Hear me rant about doctors dismissing women’s health problems on the Katie Speak Show.

Hear me talk about dick pics, consent, and not shaving my legs on Total Babble.


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Fun fact: I’m cited in the Wikipedia entries for Dildo, Toxic Masculinity, JLo’s “Ain’t Your Mama,” and the Oh Long Johnson cat.