If you’re looking to publish your writing in major news outlets or to publish books, you’ve come to the right place. I know how difficult it can be to get your writing career off the ground. In 2015, I was laid off from my job and took a stab at freelance writing, not really expecting it to go anywhere. I sent lots of cold emails that were met with silence. However, I slowly picked up the tricks of the trade, learning what ideas are publishable, how to pitch them in ways that grab editors’ attention, and how to find the right people to send them to. After just a year, I was surprised to realize I’d become a six-figure freelancer with bylines in The Washington Post, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and more. Two years after that, I had a literary agent after receiving offers from about a dozen, had edited for Teen Vogue, Vice, and Complex, and was a digital nomad, traveling the world while I worked.

Since then, I’ve helped people get their first bylines in Playboy, Pop Sugar, and other popular publications and advised them on becoming location-independent. During a call, I can explain the process of pitching and submitting articles, including details like how to come up with ideas, find editors’ contact info, and get responses to your emails. I can also give you targeted feedback on improving and placing specific pieces of writing. At the end, I’ll send a followup email with publications I recommend pitching to, information on how to pitch them, and resources for finding work.

As a soon-to-be-published author, I have also assisted clients with their book proposals, two of which led to deals from big 5 imprints and one of which got the client an agent. During these kinds of calls, I will demystify the publishing process and explain how to create a book proposal that will persuade agents and editors to take a risk on you. I can also edit and give feedback on book proposals.

Session structure and pricing

I charge $200 per hour-long call, with discounted rates available to those who would like to set up longer or multiple calls. Contact me to set up a call!


“I contacted Suzannah when I was first starting my freelance career, and I couldn’t recommend her services more. During our first consultation, she really listened to my ideas and desired career path. From there, she talked through some of my thoughts and instructed me on how to craft a pitch guaranteed to catch even the busiest editor’s attention. Since working with Suzannah, I’ve had pitches accepted by notable online magazines and have noticed a huge surge in confidence.” — Madison Medeiros, Freelance Writer

“I’ve always loved writing but only recently wanted to start getting my work published. I had no idea to go about this and am so grateful I hired Suzannah as a consultant. She gave me great tips and feedback on outlets to pitch to, how to go about this, and what they are looking for. Shortly after working with Suzannah, my first piece was published. From there, I’ve been writing nonstop. I highly recommend Suzannah. She’s fantastic!” — Kimberly Hershenson, Therapist and Freelance Writer

“As a busy entrepreneur, I didn’t have the time to make concrete progress with my writing goals. I hired Suzannah because she is clearly an expert with her many publications and her incredibly thoughtful, original content. Her service seemed perfect for someone like me, and it was. Suzannah is amazing. She was able to guide me confidently, making the publishing world seem less distant and mysterious. She gave me clear direction for article submissions (including telling me which magazines to query), feedback on a nonfiction book proposal, and notes that allowed me to improve. Thanks to Suzannah, I was recently offered representation by a literary agent. Without her, I’d be no closer to achieving my dreams of having my book published; I’m truly grateful her help.” — Amisha Patel M.F.A., CEO & Founder of The Tree of Life Success Series

Contact me to set up a call!