I regularly teach online sex education courses for adults! Here’s what I’m offering at the moment. (Zoom classes are recorded, so don’t worry if you can’t make the specific day and time!)

The Orgasm Cure (whenever you like!): This FREE course includes 14 days of emails: 7 days describing the method I used to go from never orgasming with a partner to orgasming every time, and 7 days of sexy assignments to help you orgasm.

Pleasing and Empowering Women in the Bedroom (whenever you like!): A $40 recorded Zoom course for men who want to not only blow women’s minds in the bedroom but also leave them feeling empowered, whether it’s a one-night stand or a long-term relationship.

Pleasure Knows No Age: How to Have Great Sex and Love Later in Life (dates TBD): This $30 six-part series, taught through the platform ImNotDun, will cover how to work through common sexual issues that occur as you get older, how to meet people later in life or put the spark back into your existing relationship, and how to combat shame around sexuality and aging.

Orgasms for Vulva Owners (whenever you like!): Another $40 recorded Zoom course where I explain the ins and outs of vulva orgasms, the anatomy of the vulva and clitoris, how to overcome common blockages to orgasm, different kinds of orgasms, penetrating, squirting, toys, and more! See a sneak peak below.