Sex & love coaching

Growing up, I was always a star student, but relationships and sex were the two things I couldn’t seem to figure out by the time everyone else had. On my 18th birthday, I had never been on a date. On my 25th, I had never had an orgasm with a partner.

So, what did I do? I harnessed what I was already good at and became a student of sex and love. I earned degrees in Gender and Sexuality Studies and Cognitive Neuroscience from Brown University. I spent five years as a sex/relationship writer, interviewing experts in the field and pouring over scientific studies. I worked with over a dozen sex and relationship coaches myself. I took online courses about female pleasure. I underwent a mentorship with a tantra teacher and a week-long hands-on extended orgasm course. And I went to many sex parties, clothing-optional resorts, and masturbation workshops — for science, of course. 

Once I felt like I had somewhat of a handle on this stuff — forming healthy relationships, creating a popular Tinder profile, dating multiple partners, orgasming with all of them (even at sex parties!), and navigating non-monogamy without major drama — I turned my attention toward helping others navigate these areas. I got certified as a sex educator by Everyone Deserves Sex Ed, studied somatic sex education and sexological bodywork, and perhaps most uniquely, spent two years mentoring with psychics. Yes, you read that right, psychics! And as I gave psychic readings, I realized my greatest strength was combining my intuition with the practical information all my other training had given me. 

The result of all these experiences is an approach I call intuitive sex and love coaching. I bring my knowledge of science, psychology, and the human body as well as my ability to intuit what people are going through and how it fits into their life path. I’ve been known to pull angel cards during sessions… and to cite statistics. Curious if I can help you? Read on!

What I can help with

When it comes to sex, my philosophy is that everyone’s body is designed to experience as much pleasure as they want, whenever they want, with whomever they want, and I support people in removing the blockages to this natural state of being and birthright of ours as humans. In particular, if you are a woman who struggles with orgasms, I’m your person. I specialize in helping women who have not yet had an orgasm, who can orgasm alone but not with partners, or who would like to orgasm more consistently or in a greater variety of ways.

When it comes to relationships, I like to work with people who are on the path of true love. If dating conventions feel limiting to you, if you’re more concerned with unconditional love than labels, if you have an inexplicable spiritual bond with someone, and/or understanding love feels like a big part of your soul’s mission, this could be you. Regardless, my goal is to help people express what’s in their hearts, living and loving free from fears and outside perceptions. People spend too much time creating rules and putting up walls when love is about staying true to what you feel in the moment. I also happen to have an eye for creating standout online dating profiles.

Some other areas I’ve helped people of all genders and orientations with include:

  • Figuring out who, in their hearts, they really want to be with 
  • Exploring different relationship structures, such as polyamory
  • Gaining skills and confidence in pleasing their partners
  • Reducing anxiety around sex and dating
  • Reconciling sexual incompatibilities in relationships
  • Getting out of ruts and exploring more avenues to pleasure
  • Incorporating toys into their masturbation practices and sex lives
  • Composing messages on dating apps that lead to more (and higher-quality) connections
  • Connecting with their bodies through breath, movement, self-pleasure, and meditation

I offer one-off calls as well as long-term packages. Contact me for information on session structure and pricing.


“I am grateful to work with Suzannah. In our sessions, I have become more aware of my own relationship needs and able to ask myself the tough questions so that I quickly decide if I want to invest energy into a potential new relationship. I am not a person that shares personal relationship information with others, but I am comfortable speaking with Suzannah and being open with her. She listens and has great relationship suggestions. Suzannah has helped me look at relationships in a more conscious way that is more positive and helpful.” — Fletcher, Atlanta, GA

“I want to thank Suzannah for all the very thoughtful and insightful guidance she provided to my girlfriend and I over the last three months. We both found her relationship and sex counseling to be incredibly helpful, and it has definitely allowed us to build a stronger and more intimate relationship. Her insights and suggestions were very actionable and allowed us to make regular progress over the course of our sessions. We can’t thank her enough and will be referring to her reminders and notes often to keep us moving forward. This was a very worthwhile endeavor for us!” — Trevor, Nevada