Sex & love coaching

Hi! I’m here to help you live a life of pleasure, connectedness, aliveness, humanness, divinity, and fun. Read on for more info on my sex and love coaching offerings. 

How it works 

Sessions are done over the phone or other convenient platforms. During each call, we’ll discuss your goals for your sex and love life and any challenges or developments that come up. I work with women, men, LGBTQ and gender-nonconforming people, and couples (and throuples and the like). For couples work, I combine one-on-one sessions where individuals can explain their perspectives confidentially with group calls to facilitate communication between partners. Between calls, I give assignments such as journaling activities, self-pleasure exercises, and relationship challenges to ensure regular progress is made. Some clients choose to focus on their relationships, some on their sex lives, and for some it’s an even balance. I am available over email in between sessions. Contact me for information on session structure and pricing.

What I can help with 


Great sex starts outside the bedroom. Sexuality is an extension of sensuality. Learning to have great sex is really about learning to have fun, relax, and slow down. I help clients listen to their bodies and get out of their heads in the bedroom and elsewhere, arming them with information that allows them to better please themselves and their partners. I incorporate data-based techniques for self-pleasure and partnered sex as well as holistic practices like breathwork, meditation, and self-massage into my coaching. 


For many people, the standard narrative of “date for a while, become exclusive, move in together, get engaged, get married, have kids” just doesn’t seem to fit. I enjoy working with people in unconventional relationships and situations. Even for those whose relationships are more “conventional,” I encourage the same principles — vulnerability, honesty, and openness — that help people live from their hearts, not from what anyone else prescribes. I enjoy helping people resolve conflicts with their partners by seeing and honoring each other’s points of view, as well as helping singles get to the core of what they want. 


I work with all kinds of clients with a variety of goals, but you have definitely come to the right place if:

  • You have a vulva and are struggling with orgasms
  • You want to better please a partner or partners who have a vulva
  • You need guidance on navigating non-monogamy 
  • You are in a relationship with mismatched sex drives or poor communication
  • You are cheating and don’t know where to go from here 
  • Body image struggles are interfering with your sex and/or love life 
  • You are a spiritually minded person seeking a spiritual partnership and/or spiritual sex 
  • You’re trying to figure out what kind of relationship you even want

Who am I?

I have degrees in Gender & Sexuality Studies and Cognitive Neuroscience from Brown University, where I conducted psychology research and assistant-taught biology and cognitive science, as well as a sex educator certificate from Everyone Deserves Sex Ed. I’ve also completed coursework and mentorships in sexological bodywork, tantric practices, transformational leadership, female orgasm, extended orgasm, women’s embodiment, body positivity, and intuitive counseling. In addition, I’ve spent over seven years as a sex/relationship writer, interviewing experts in the field and pouring over scientific studies.

Several formative personal experiences have also led me on the path toward sex and love coaching. At age 25, I became determined to change the fact that I had never had an orgasm with a partner, so I threw myself into several learning and healing modalities until I’d developed a method for orgasming during every sexual encounter. I experienced another period of growth at 28, when I confronted the inconvenient epiphany that monogamy wasn’t for me. This ultimately set me on a quest to learn how to love in a way that is unconditional, unattached, and not dependent on any one person.

To my sessions, I bring a wealth of fun facts about human behavior, biology, and society, as well as a compassionate and attentive ear. I can help you address details like what to put on your online dating profile and which sex toys to purchase as well as big questions, like how to figure out who you are sexually and how to love someone else while also loving yourself. I advise clients based on a combination of science, intuition, and philosophies borrowed from diverse modalities. 


“I had the absolute pleasure of working with Suzannah in her amazing coaching container. Before I started working with her, I was in a relationship that had me anxious and unfulfilled, and I was displaying co-dependent thought processes and patterns within the relationship. Suzannah was able to open my mind to new angles, and I was able to easily and effortlessly let go of this relationship, transitioning to friends seamlessly. Since working with her, I have also learned more about my body and how to create more space for pleasure in my life. I even met a new beautiful connection within a week of letting go of the old. Her work and insights are powerful, and I look forward to working with her more in the future.” — Jacquelyn, Austin, TX

“I am grateful to work with Suzannah. In our sessions, I have become more aware of my own relationship needs and able to ask myself the tough questions so that I quickly decide if I want to invest energy into a potential new relationship. I am not a person that shares personal relationship information with others, but I am comfortable speaking with Suzannah and being open with her. She listens and has great relationship suggestions. Suzannah has helped me look at relationships in a more conscious way that is more positive and helpful.” — Fletcher, Atlanta, GA

“I want to thank Suzannah for all the very thoughtful and insightful guidance she provided to my girlfriend and I over the last three months. We both found her relationship and sex counseling to be incredibly helpful, and it has definitely allowed us to build a stronger and more intimate relationship. Her insights and suggestions were very actionable and allowed us to make regular progress over the course of our sessions. We can’t thank her enough and will be referring to her reminders and notes often to keep us moving forward. This was a very worthwhile endeavor for us!” — Trevor, Nevada