I am available to speak at events — or on podcasts, shows, etc. — on feminism, sexuality, body positivity, freelance writing, and more. I also lead consent workshops at sex-positive gatherings. See below for a list of my prior speaking engagements, and please fill out the form below to inquire about my availability.

Prior event speaking engagements



The Trouble With Sex (How the Light Gets In, 2022)

Censorship and Tech’s Prudish Stance on Our Sex Lives (SXSW, 2019)

The Pleasure Panel (New Woman Space, 2018)

How to Be a Feminist in the Workplace (American Association of University Women, 2017)

Conference presentations:

Beyond “Yes Means Yes”: Practicing and Teaching Embodied Consent (North Carolina Sexual Health Conference, 2019)

Expansive Connection: Unlearning Toxic Monogamy (Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, upcoming in August 2022)